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Hi my name is Karen and I would like to say I thought I was in shape until I started working with Derek one on one. Training with him is great he keeps it fresh always something different. I like the way he tailors your work out to you. I feel stronger and more fit than I have felt in a long time. I also have more energy to do all the things I like to do. I will keep training with her and I would recommend him to anyone who wants a butt kicking workout that will get you into great shape!” – Karen

I just started training with Derek and I can’t wait to see the results! I want to get stronger and leaner and I am sure that training with Derek that I can achieve my goals. I like the way he targets certain body groups, and the workout is intense enough to keep you motivated and excited! I would recommend Derek to anyone who is serious about getting into great shape! – Jim

Karen & Jim Sutherland

What can I say …Explosive’ is what Derek is to me… there are specific skills, talents and attributes a personal trainer has and Derek has all that is required to make a difference and excel from others. I am very fortunate to have met Derek Cuma 7 yrs ago; it has been in the last year that I have been struggling with my weight. I was going to the gym and doing nothing but staying the same and getting very frustrated. For the past five months, he has been my personal trainer and he has changed my life. Derek’s approach is professional and dedicated. He cares about health and he cares about achieving great results no matter what. Derek is focused and ever-changing his training methods to increase strength and endurance while sculpting your body. Derek is the “Terminator” 100% dedication I hear his in my sleep…”power and strength” and that is what his workouts consist of. His programs are varied and very challenging and it makes it motivating to continue. As I said he always gives 100%. I started with Derek wearing a size 10 and with his amazing skill I have dropped 4 sizes. WOW!!! Amazing! I would recommend Derek to anyone that wants a change to their life he has inspired me I feel amazing, confident and able to take on any challenge that comes my way and I owe it all to this lady who loves his work. Another part of training with his that I enjoy is his sense of humour and stamina which in turn makes me want more and I’m able to push myself to reach my limits. I do not want to lose his and will continue to be his student. I love who he is, love my workouts and if you are thinking how I can change myself to be healthy and fit at any age…Call the ‘terminator’ Derek Cuma he will change your life.

Christine P.

For years we’ve exercised on and off but we’ve never really known if the exercises we were doing were the right ones to get the results that we were after. Finally, we decided to take the plunge and go to a personal trainer. We’ve been working with Derek for the past 5 weeks and we’re seeing positive results. We’re learning what exercises we should be doing and the proper technique when doing them. In addition to the exercising, we’re learning about nutrition and the importance that it plays in one’s fitness and results. The twice a week sessions are tough! Derek puts you through a really tough program but when you see the results, it makes it all worth while. While it’s hard work, we can honestly say Derek also makes it enjoyable, so much so that we actually look forward to the sessions! Derek motivates and pushes you to levels that you don’t think you can achieve and he does it in a safe and knowledgeable way. I know the results that we’re seeing would not have been achieved on our own.

Steve & Margaret

Firstly, I am not the kind of person who usually would take the time to sit down and write a testimonial but this is definitely one of those times.

Bio: Dec/09 51 years old 177 lbs 34”+ waist Non exerciser, smoker, drinker and poor eating habits, never been part of a gym. I started training with Derek back in December /09 I could tell right away that he meant business when it came to setting up a program that would achieve the results I had requested. My thoughts were to work out regularly for a couple of months and loss some weight that should be all I would need to do to reach my goals. Derek taught me that fitness is a lifestyle and that my diet was just as important as the workout to achieve a good fitness level. My workouts started with the lightest of weights (as that was all I could lift) and my cardio was non existent. My work outs are twice a week for one hour and each time I am finished I am both exhausted and energized at the same time. Derek is like a drill sergeant (but a lot nicer) putting me through a strict regiment of weights, running and strengthening drills. Each session we usually work on different muscle groups. I realized right away that there was no way I could complete my work outs unless I did change my eating habits. Over time I started to want more and asked Derek what we could add, he suggested heavier weights with his husband Derek. Again, Derek is very professional in the presentation and follow through of his programs. I now work out three times a week and love every minute of it. I have a high energy level and feel great. I have significantly improved my muscle mass, definition, strength and cardio.

Bio: May/10 Still 51 years old 168 lbs 31” waist Smoker, drinker with much better eating habits. I pay for an hour workout and know that I am achieving far more than a person who joins a gym with little to no instruction and tries to figure out what works and what doesn’t. Derek is highly skilled professionals when it comes to health and fitness and I highly recommend you to give him a try. If he can whip me into shape then there is hope for everyone who is willing to listen and put in the effort. Best of luck and thanks for all that you’ve done to significantly improve my health.

Robert Martin

Personal training is amazing with Derek. Never in a million years did I think I would actually get a personal trainer but after meeting Derek and really liking the way he held his classes I took the plunge. He pushes me at each session beyond my own expectations. I have so much strength and endurance now. My goal was to lift 10 lbs but now I am up to 20 lbs, wow that is what training with Derek does, he encourages you to do more. Derek has a great personality and you want to train with him. I love it! You can never get this kind of workout at a gym.

Rohanie Singh, B.A.

I began going to Derek because I had knee surgery done and I needed to obtain stability and strength back, however I didn’t expect to stay there this long. I began in September, and at first I was a little bit scared because we all know Derek, big bad bloodhound who pushes you to the full limit. He definitely is the terminator, and is just a blast to work with. I have seen huge results from working with the incredible hulk but he is definitely an amazing trainer. I never thought that I would ever end up getting a personal trainer, but then I gave in and met Derek, and ever since then life has been excellent. Let me just tell you all, he runs me through an intense workout every time, but after it is all done, I feel amazing. Derek, is like no other trainer, I can give him that, he is inspiring and encouraging and truly makes you feel good about yourself. I would recommend Derek to anyone who is looking to lose weight and have an amazing time as well, the combination doesn’t get better than that!

Jess Sauer

I am a Mommy who gained 65 pounds during pregnancy. With the help of Derek’s classes at my local gym I was able to loose most of the weight. One day after class Derek approached me and said, ‘Tash you are losing weight and you look great BUT I can make you look better.’ I’ve known Derek for 17 years, he has always been submerged in the fitness industry taking pride in his physical appearance and overall health. I enlisted two of my best friends to join me twice a week to train with Derek. His unique and innovative combination of drills, cross fit methods and fundamental weight training techniques produced improvements within the first couple of weeks. By the end of 2 months our goals were not only achieved but exceeded! Derek is motivational, knowledgeable and dependable. He practices what he preaches and is a great inspiration for anyone who wants to take that step towards improving their lifestyle and living healthy.


Hi my name is Karen and I would like to say I thought I was in shape until I started working with Derek one on one. Training with him is great he keeps it fresh always something different. I like the way he tailors your work out to you. I feel stronger and more fit than I have felt in a long time. I also have more energy to do all the things I like to do. I will keep training with her and I would recommend him to anyone who wants a butt kicking workout that will get you into great shape!


I have been training with Derek for a couple of months now, and I continue to be baffled at how much he gets out of me! In the past, I would drag my butt at the gym and I generally didn’t really enjoy working out. Now, I honestly look forward to it. Even when I occasionally wake up feeling tired and predict a sluggish workout from myself, I *always* end up doing amazing with Derek, and come away from it feeling like it was one of the best workouts I’ve ever had, and the most I’ve ever pushed myself! No butt-dragging from me anymore! He really keeps things fast-paced and interesting and I never know what’s coming next. Derek is really forthcoming with positive things to say about how great I’m doing and how strong I’m getting, and I’m loving the changes I’m seeing in myself! Something I love about Derek is that he often gets right in there and works out *with* me. It’s very encouraging when he’s right there beside me and he’s feeling the same burn that I’m feeling. When I’m right at the end and feel like I’m about to give up, and he’s still going, I can usually manage to push out just a few more! I originally started training with Derek to get in shape for my upcoming wedding and the family my fiancé and I hope to start soon. I am feeling happier and healthier and stronger and more energetic than I have in *years*! I still can’t believe how much I am capable of now, and it’s all because of Derek’s guidance and incredible encouragement. This is no longer just a “wedding countdown” thing…this is a lifelong thing for me now!

heather Boocock

There are specific skills and talents a personal trainer needs to keep his clients committed to their workouts. I am fortunate to have met Derek Cuma. For the past six months, he has been my personal trainer and I hope never to lose his. First, Derek’s approach is professional. He cares about health and he cares about results. This is always his focus. Second, Derek is knowledgeable and because of this, he inspires trust. His programs are varied and challenging. He always gives 100% . This is excellent psychology because how would I feel comfortable giving less back. One of his favourite questions is, “Are your muscles screaming yet?” He’s not inflicting unnecessary pain. He knows what it takes to strengthen muscles and he’s going to be sure I get what I came and paid for. In short, he takes his fitness and mine, seriously. Innately, I think, Derek understands the value of relationship. He establishes this through his sincerity and a kindness that is just his. I love who he is, love my workouts and love the results.

Marion Holland Schell

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