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  • Group Training (2-5 people)
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Derek Cuma

  • Over 10 yrs in the fitness industry
  • Specializing in team dryland strength and conditioning
  • Canfitpro certified
  • Passion for fitness/health and well being
  • One on one/semi-private/team training provided
  • Played semi-pro football in Europe
  • Worked with son drafted into the NHL 2008 first round 23rd overall to Minnesota Wild
  • Daughter is a national champion Taekwondo team Canada

Litsa Cuma

  • Certified award winning Fitness Instructor and Personal Trainer
  • 30yrs of health and fitness experience
  • Trained with and inspired by top fitness professionals and movie stars such as Arnold Schwarzenegger, Trish Stratus, Ben Johnson, Arlene Wright
  • Changed many people’s lives in a positive way physically and emotionally and continues to inspire people how she can

“Personal training is amazing with Derek. Never in a million years did I think I would actually get a personal trainer but after meeting Derek and really liking the way he held his classes I took the plunge. He pushes me at each session beyond my own expectations. I have so much strength and endurance now. My goal was to lift 10 lbs but now I am up to 20 lbs, wow that is what training with Derek does, he encourages you to do more. Derek has a great personality and you want to train with him. I love it! You can never get this kind of workout at a gym.”

– Rohanie Singh, B.A.

“I began going to Derek because I had knee surgery done and I needed to obtain stability and strength back, however I didn’t expect to stay there this long. I began in September, and at first I was a little bit scared because we all know Derek, big bad bloodhound who pushes you to the full limit. He definitely is the terminator, and is just a blast to work with. I have seen huge results from working with the incredible hulk but he is definitely an amazing trainer. I never thought that I would ever end up getting a personal trainer, but then I gave in and met Derek, and ever since then life has been excellent. Let me just tell you all, he runs me through an intense workout every time, but after it is all done, I feel amazing. Derek, is like no other trainer, I can give him that, he is inspiring and encouraging and truly makes you feel good about yourself. I would recommend Derek to anyone who is looking to lose weight and have an amazing time as well, the combination doesn’t get better than that!”

– Jess Sauer

“There are specific skills and talents a personal trainer needs to keep his clients committed to their workouts. I am fortunate to have met Derek Cuma. For the past six months, he has been my personal trainer and I hope never to lose his. First, Derek’s approach is professional. He cares about health and he cares about results. This is always his focus. Second, Derek is knowledgeable and because of this, he inspires trust. His programs are varied and challenging. He always gives 100% . This is excellent psychology because how would I feel comfortable giving less back. One of his favourite questions is, “Are your muscles screaming yet?” He’s not inflicting unnecessary pain. He knows what it takes to strengthen muscles and he’s going to be sure I get what I came and paid for. In short, he takes his fitness and mine, seriously. Innately, I think, Derek understands the value of relationship. He establishes this through his sincerity and a kindness that is just his. I love who he is, love my workouts and love the results “

– Marion Holland Schell

“For years we’ve exercised on and off but we’ve never really known if the exercises we were doing were the right ones to get the results that we were after. Finally, we decided to take the plunge and go to a personal trainer. We’ve been working with Derek for the past 5 weeks and we’re seeing positive results. We’re learning what exercises we should be doing and the proper technique when doing them. In addition to the exercising, we’re learning about nutrition and the importance that it plays in one’s fitness and results. The twice a week sessions are tough! Derek puts you through a really tough program but when you see the results, it makes it all worth while. While it’s hard work, we can honestly say Derek also makes it enjoyable, so much so that we actually look forward to the sessions! Derek motivates and pushes you to levels that you don’t think you can achieve and he does it in a safe and knowledgeable way. I know the results that we’re seeing would not have been achieved on our own. “

– Steve and Margaret

Group Training

Cuma Fitness offers group training sessions for up to 5 people. Enjoy a hard workout with those who motivate and push you to your goals!


Team Training

Cuma Fitness offers full team training sessions for teams of all ages and sports. Enjoy a hard workout with the ones you go to war with, push each other and get better.


Get Better Together

Cuma Fitness offers Bootcamp classes for all ages. Enjoy a hard workout with those who motivate and push you to your goals! 

Helping You Achieve Your Fitness Goals

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